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Flaming CoalsTM was established by Tony Teboneras when he recognized a gap in the outdoor cooking market for quality, user-friendly products that were affordable for most consumers that would last the test of time.

Coming from a European background, Tony grew up cooking with charcoal and enjoyed the way slow-roasting brought all the family together as it became the focal point in the backyard. Of course, back then, most spit roasters were made by the person using them from old drums for the base and windscreen wiper motors for the rotisserie.

It wasn’t until years later when Tony wanted to purchase a spit roaster of his own, he identified that there weren’t any commercially manufactured spit roasters that were up to the task. From that moment on, Tony started designing, testing and refining several spit roast designs that were suitable and reliable for regular use, was easy to assemble and most importantly practical to use.

We are very proud that over the past fifteen years, Flaming CoalsTM now not only has a dozen spit roasters part of its range (with more on the way) but there are also an array of rotisserie motors and accessories. Wood-fired pizza ovens and meat smokers have also been added to the Flaming CoalsTM range.

The Flaming CoalsTM brand name is registered in both Australia and New Zealand with patents pending on several designs. Flaming CoalsTM is continuing to experience steady growth with the team continuing to expand.

In 2012 we appointed a full-time employee based in Guangzhou China to oversee manufacturing and quality to assure each Flaming CoalsTM to ensure it meets our stringent quality standards.

In December 2013, our first shipment was exported to New Zealand.

In early 2014, in conjunction with our local employee, we established our own 2,000 sqm manufacturing facility in Huangshan, China. This was a strategic decision that has given us more control over the manufacturing process, enable us to respond to changing market conditions and customer demands quickly and allow us to export Flaming CoalsTM products internationally.

In early 2016, our first shipment of spit roasters was exported to our newly-appointed exclusive distributor in the UK, The American BBQ Company (UK).

There are 15 full-time staff supporting the Flaming Coals brand including customer support staff, graphic designers, a marketing/event coordinator and the lead product engineer. In 2017, we also established the Flaming Coals BBQ Team which will represent the Flaming Coals brand at various BBQ competition teams around the country and live videos streaming to Facebook. We also began sponsoring another 2 BBQ competition teams that have become Flaming Coals brand advocates.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a distributor of Flaming Coals products in your region, please email [email protected].au Attention General Manager, Rhiannon Peterson


Flaming CoalsTM will provide retailers with the following support:

  • Refer customers enquiring about purchasing Flaming CoalsTM products to their nearest retailer that stocks the product.
  • Continue to educate and demonstrate Flaming CoalsTM at as many relevant venues as possible. This exposure enhances brand awareness and the sale of Flaming CoalsTM products.
  • Continue to promote Flaming CoalsTM both online, on radio and in print.

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