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Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Flaming Coals

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The Flaming Coals pizza oven is manufactured using stainless steel inside and out and is perfect for cooking roasts, pizzas, bread or even desserts.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven | Large Stainless Steel Woodfire Oven for Sale

Model: PO006-12 

If you are considering purchasing a wood-fired pizza oven then you are the type of person that takes pride in your cooking and loves to cook up a feast that pleases your family, your friends and even the neighbours. The Flaming coals Wood Fired Pizza Oven has been a hit in Australia, in particular throughout the Italian community with one family ordering an additional 17 ovens after the first oven was purchased and used for a celebration. 

The Flaming Coals pizza oven is manufactured using stainless steel inside and out. The walls of the oven are fully insulated all around. This assists in keeping the heat in the oven while cooking and keeping the exterior of the oven at a temperature that will not burn you if you accidentally touch the exterior surface. With an internal cooking area of 70cm wide x 95cm deep, it is large enough to cook 4 standard pizzas at a time. You can also use it to cook roasts, bread or even desserts.

this image shows a roast cooked in a Large Stainless Steel Wood Fired Pizza Oven


Just like the family that kept buying more pizza ovens, you to can be the envy at your next party and cook up a feast that will leave all your guests full and satisfied. 

This image shows how a customer purchased a flaming coals woodfired pizza oven and built it into his kitchen

The image shows a Large Stainless Steel Woodfire Pizza Oven being used to cook pizzas

Woodfire Pizza Oven Features:

  • 30mm thick fire bricks on the base of the oven - Ensure your wood-fired pizza has a crispy base every time
  • 4 wheels with 450kg weight capacity - Easy maneuverability when required 
  • 28-30mm thick, double wall filled with insulation - Maintain optimum cooking temperatures for longer periods and keep the exterior cool
  • Optimum temperature 400c - Your wood-fired pizzas will be ready in a few minutes
  • Thermometer - Lets you know the internal temperature of the oven when you are using the pizza oven for bread and roasts
  • Rear ash drawer so you can easily sweep the ash into the draw and empty it from the rear
  • Trolley and wheels included
  • 12 Month Warranty


  • Unit Size: 78cm (W) x 110cm (L) (includes rear ashtray handle and front hob) x 183.5cm (H) (Including flue)
  • Cooking area: 70cm (W) x  95.5cm (D) x 35cm (H)
  • Weight: 130kg

The oven flue and door may discolour due to the 400-450 degree temperatures your wood-fired pizza oven will reach. BBQ Spit Rotisseries regularly uses and highly recommends 'Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser' to bring back that original, sparkling, stainless steel shine.

This image shows a fire burning inside of a woodfired pizza oven with a pizza being cooked in it.




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Stainless Steel wood-fired pizza oven features:

  • 30mm thick fire bricks on the base of the oven
  • 4 wheels with 450kg weight capacity
  • 28-30mm thick insulation Double wall, each 1mm thick
  • Optimum temperature 400C
  • Thermometer
  • Stand with wheels
SKU PO006-12
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Brand Flaming Coals
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