Mastering the Art of Crispy Pork Skin with the Jaccard Method

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If you're a fan of perfectly crispy pork skin, you're likely familiar with the challenges of achieving that ideal texture. One invaluable tool for attaining that coveted crispy skin is the Jaccard. In this article, we'll delve into what the Jaccard entails, its relevance to achieving the ideal pork skin, and detailed instructions on its application.

What is a Jaccard?

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The Jaccard is a portable device featuring a grid-like arrangement of small, sharp needles. Its primary purpose is to soften resilient meat cuts by penetrating the muscle and disintegrating connective tissues. When employed on pork skin, the Jaccard forms minuscule punctures, enabling the release of surplus moisture, ultimately yielding a crisper texture.

Why Use a Jaccard for Pork Skin?



Utilizing a Jaccard for pork skin offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it aids in eliminating surplus moisture, a critical factor for achieving that coveted crispy skin. Secondly, it establishes a textured surface that enhances the adherence of seasonings. Lastly, it contributes to a reduction in cooking duration, promoting more even and efficient pork preparation

When contrasted with alternative techniques such as scoring or using a fork to puncture the skin, the Jaccard stands out for its superior ability to create a consistent arrangement of tiny perforations, leading to a more uniform texture and enhanced overall visual appeal.

How to Use a Jaccard for Pork Skin:This_image_shows_pork_being_tenderise_with_Jaccard_meat_tenderiser

1. Commence the process by ensuring the pork skin is meticulously cleaned and completely dried

2.Grip the Jaccard securely and apply even pressure as you press it into the skin, ensuring it penetrates through the skin and reaches the underlying layer of fat.

3. Continue the procedure, ensuring that you address the entire expanse of the pork skin surface.

4. Add salt, pepper, and any additional seasonings of your choice to season the pork skin.

5.Roast the pork skin following your typical method, while monitoring it to prevent any overbrowning.


Precautions to Take:

When employing a Jaccard, exercise caution to avoid penetrating through to the underlying meat, as it can lead to the meat drying out and toughening. Additionally, it's essential to diligently clean the Jaccard both before and after usage to prevent the potential spread of bacteria

Tips and Tricks for Best Results:

For optimal outcomes, it is crucial to employ a well-sharpened Jaccard and exert strong pressure when puncturing the skin. You may also experiment with making crosshatch scores on the skin before using the Jaccard to create a more intricate texture.




If you're on a quest for flawless, crispy pork skin, the Jaccard method is a must-try. Through its skin-piercing action, it efficiently eliminates surplus moisture and establishes a textured surface for enhanced seasoning adherence. Just remember to exercise caution and apply the recommended tips and techniques for optimal outcomes.





by: Michael Wilkie